This is one of the last community walls that the members of the public painted during the Street Art Fest++ in February 2020. It is also the most significant piece as it involves the participation of Singapore Cambodia International Academy (SCIA), the Singapore Embassy and the Street Art Fest++ Organizing Committee, 100 children from the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), one of the two beneficiary organizations supported by the art festival. CCF Founder Scott Neeson’s work can also be seen here.

The colorful background design featuring the traditional Khmer Krama with the symbolic hand gestures of Love and Peace was a collaboration by Singaporean artist Yip Yew Chong and Cambodian-Canadian muralist FONKi. The colorful social fabric is represented here to highlight that children are the hope of our future.

This is a meaningful representation of the resilience, cooperation and peaceful coexistence of the various members of the Cambodian and Singaporean community, and symbolizes peace, love, aspiration and hope for the younger generation of our peoples.

The mural is purchased by the Worldbridge Group and to install at the WB Arena, along the National Road 2, ChakAngreKroum soon.

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